Welcome to ReSpace

ReSpace Projects is a not-for-profit company set up to help facilitate the use of empty buildings and wasted resources for social and environmental good, using a model we have developed called “Holistic Urban Regeneration.”

The success of the Hive Dalston – Respace Projects’ showcase building – can be attributed in part to our broad experience in a range of areas from community organisation and activism, marketing, social enterprise and corporate business, to name a few. As evidenced by numerous academic, social and political studies – as well as our own anecdotal evidence from The Hive – community engagement is critical to the success of regeneration schemes.

When The Hive first opened it was through word of mouth to our established network that we found our crew of volunteers. After that we operated an open-door policy and encouraged locals to sit in on our weekly general meetings, which discussed everything from daily operations to programming of events.

In this way we tapped into the needs of the local community and were able to focus on an inclusive schedule of events accordingly: our model helps to provide opportunities for everyone using wasted resources, space and skills

The aim of ReSpace Projects is to use the success of this model to try and inspire, empower and enable other community groups to do the same in their areas by helping to build a people powered, community controlled infrastructure to support projects like these in the future.

Work has begun on building this infrastructure with several new projects in the pipeline and a number of completed successful projects.

Current ReSpace Projects are listed in the menu on the left (on mobiles this section may be at the bottom) while campaigns and information links are at the top of the page.

Click to download a pdf of our Organisational Overview:
The ReSpace Organisational Overview