Holistic Urban Regeneration

Holistic Urban Regeneration is the theory of an Organic Society.

Our Holistic Urban Regeneration model has been shown to provide genuine benefits to everyone in the local area, providing security and great PR for the landlord and much needed facilities for the local community. Beyond that evidence is being compiled that shows positive effects on local business,community and environment.

Our model has drawn many visitors from around the world including Grant Thornton and a delegation of Koreans who were keen to learn more about it.

Key benefits already being felt, observed and measured are:

Economic – The Hive has integrated itself with local businesses and the space itself allows for experimental ideas to have the time to grow and gain a foothold. Beyond that The Hive is also involved in the promotion of local currencies known to stimulate trade. Skill swaps and time banks systems ensure that access remains available to everyone.

Cultural – Regular poetry, arts, dance and music events organised by different local groups in the area, plus exhibitions and workshops, ensure that there is a collaborative space where many cultures can meet and interact on an equal footing.

Political – Self-funded and independent, The Hive is able to facilitate non-partisan workshops, conferences, hustings and meetings with a high level of engagement from the local community and yet remain credible amongst grassroots campaign groups.

Physical – Yoga, Tai Chi, Falun Gong, parkour, well-being days, a healthy cafe and regular events that promote a healthier lifestyle and diet can help people learn to live longer and be stronger.

Social – The construction and operation of the project itself is a social stimulus; on top of providing a place for like minded people to interact, the collaborative nature of the free space is also key to reducing factors that are widely known to contribute to a decline in mental health such as isolation, lack of opportunity, stress and depression – as evidenced by the wealth of anecdotal reports we’ve received.

The key to the Holistic Urban Regeneration model is the acquisition of suitable spaces and the infrastructure required to implement, maintain and sustain them.

A cutesy diagram designed for Boomtown Festival gives an overview of how this stricture works.

infrastructure wall plan page 3

infrastructure wall plan page 4

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