The Infrastructure Directory

Should you be included in The Infrastructure Directory?

We’re looking for building supplies, plumbers and electricians, volunteers for projects and energy providers, as well as gardeners, and IT department. Every skill or resource can have some use so please sign up to get involved.

This is simply a free list of resource or service providers, or volunteers, who will be necessary to help implement this system of holistic urban regeneration. Our organisation is not-profit making, so we try where possible to engage services either for free or for access to space. We’re also working with several groups engaged in promoting community currencies, which are well suited to such transactions.

We’re working to develop an app that can link projects in need with relevant and local providers and volunteers, whilst protecting the privacy and respecting the time of those who feature in the directory. At this stage however, we are simply asking people to sign our Respace Classification petition, which will act as a holding page for these contacts, to be followed up in due course. If you’re interested in contributing to this project in some way, please do sign our petition. If you have something specific you’d like to help with then please email …. with the subject ‘Infrastructure Directory’.

We’re looking for businesses who can give us their wasted wood, paint and building materials, art supplies, white goods, sound proofing, insulation, fire safety equipment, tools and old vehicles.

We also need to grow our network of electricians, plumbers, builders, gardeners, energy providers and Community groups.

The Infrastructure Directory is a resource that will be accessible by all members of ReSpace. A free membership system is necessary to ensure that resources and skills available in our network, are being used by the projects that most need them, rather than possibly being exploited for personal or a less ethical, commercial gain. Whilst we hope that businesses and individuals working with ReSpace are able to profit financially if they wish, this would be through their own efforts and endeavors and from using their spaces like the general public.

Compiling this infrastructure directory is a big undertaking but is essential if we’re to build the infrastructure.