Current Projects

ReSpace’s mission is to oversee the creation and integration of multiple community projects. Our system considers each project as it’s own entity with a “lifecycle”.

We have developed a simple chart (thank you Ellen) that illustrates how we ensure projects integrate.

Stakeholder mapping and lifecycle charts are integral to successful collaboration on a larger scale and ReSpace uses a number of techniques to maintain growth and sustainability without top-down management.

Projects can be buildings, campaigns or networks, ReSpace is a resourcing organisation and thus anything which can use or generate resources can be a project.

Current active projects are:

  • The Hive Dalston
  • The Craftory Newham
  • The Brain Project
  • The ID
  • The ReSpace association for Transport
  • ReSpace Associated Landlords
  • Tower Hamlets Parc
  • GTA
  • The Hive Life Project