Vision and Ethics statement.

What is the ReSpace Vision?

“A network of hundreds of projects like the Hive across the city. Each one different, each one full of hard-working, creative and inspiring people collaborating to deliver lasting social good by innovating with new technologies, ideas and systems. And by using space and wasted resources intelligently and efficiently to benefit the people around them. Opening space and opportunities for those with the least of both.

Linking each project would be a web of efficient, environmentally friendly vans delivering resources, materials and healthy food across the entire network. A network that shifts and transforms – communicating, sharing, constantly evolving and growing. Strong, powerful and resilient. This ever changing living organism plants seeds of hope and innovation in empty spaces and the potential they contain. Each seed would grow into a self-sustaining, ever evolving community brought together by the space but linked by common goals. Each community planting seeds of its own. Each project manifesting dreams..”

Gee Sinha – Founder.

ReSpace Ethics and values.

As an ethical organisation ReSpace is committed to :

  • Building Trust and Credibility.
  • Having Respect for the Individual.
  • Creating a Culture of Open and Honest Communication.
  • Prioritising Health and Safety.
  • Setting the Tone at the Top.
  • Uphold the Law.
  • Avoiding Conflicts of Interest.
  • Setting Goals and Report Results Accurately.
  • Complete Accountability.
  • Loyalty to Your Team.
  • Do the Right Thing.

A new economy requires a new currency and ReSpace believes any economy must be based on trust, For this reason we value honesty, open communication and reliability. We have and we will take steps to ensure that this reputation is upheld and remain as open and transparent as possible. ReSpace welcomes any questions about our ethical behaviours.